Environment / Sustainability Policy

  • AMJ produce designed and built a state of the art warehouse in 2008, purpose built for optimal sustainability. Ensuring all produce would be stored in climate control warehouse with environmentally friendly attitudes & procedures in place to be a leader in this area.
  • 100% fully self-sufficient water supply – 2 x 22,000 Ltr capacity water tanks have been operational since 2008.
  • All green off cuts & shrinkage is collected by a farmer in the Adelaide Hills for stock feed.
  • Recycle all cardboard & plastic, clients are encouraged to retain the boxes which are collected by AMJ produce to recycle /reuse for packing purposes
  • Engaged the services of an energy consultant to manage the lighting efficiency within the warehouse. This included the installation of skylights to add natural lighting, energy efficient lights, employee policy for turning off lights when not in use; all these combined reduce energy consumption and lower energy costs.
  • HACCP accredited wholesalers must use HACCP accredited growers. All HACCP growers must supply a spray sheets to obtain their accreditation.
  • 80% of produce comes from 50km radius of the warehouse – this not only supports the local economy but also reduced mileage of the fleet vehicles, subsequently reducing carbon emissions.
  • AMJ Fleet - A mechanic is on 24 hour call and responsible for the maintenance of all company vehicles in the fleet. Ensuring employee and customer safety at all times is first and foremost; in addition it guarantees optimal efficiency which reduces pollution/emissions.
  • Use of bio-degradable chemicals for cleaning
  • Use of sustainable wooden pallets in storage areas