Yesterday was that moment that in ten years in this business that was my favourite day in many favourite days to date

I do have a tear in my eye as I do this write up. To see a vision and a personal dream come to life and be a reality, well it just makes me get a little emotional. It has always been about Innovative SA Produce to make a delectable point of difference on your plates. Especially for you not produce that is available anywhere in a volume but a niche especially for our talented chef’s here in SA. Hear the pure emotion in my voice in the live feeds, take the moment not to critique my very unprofessional videoing but look at the work done by the grower and how pristine his glasshouse of tomatoes are.. It started yesterday when I was able to meet Tony’s mother and seeing this beautiful 74 year old lady taking loving care of her two glasshouses full of Roma Tomatoes. Learning that glasshouses get sunglasses in Summer in the way of chalk on the inside of their roof tops to help cut down the heat. Then it was seeing the new plants which have started to produce and The Dancing With The Smurf Tomato in the warehouse ready for you. This year the tomatoes are later because Tony has spent months and months preparing the soil for this years crop. The seventh season and a lot of lessons along the way Tony feels this years tomatoes will be of a quality far superior to previous seasons. Tony feels that the softness off the Heirloom Tomatoes will improve and will be a firmer tomato and last longer because of this time taken to get the soil perfect. Chris came with me yesterday and both Tony and Chris were at the other glasshouses when I finished my amateur filming for you. Tony’s pet name for me is - well it isn’t demure, but it is the “Little Ball Breaker”. Anyway he shouts are you happy and with the dust now settled on my boots and a smile from eye to year I did that move where you kick your heels in mid air and a puff of dust arose from my dusty boots. All I could hear was the laughter from Chris and Tony resounding around the growing paddock and I said to myself what a fabulous day.